• Dec122020
    Natale Borgo delle Tovaglie

    The importance of Christmas

    For me and my family, Christmas is a serious matter… I don’t want to exaggerate, but it really would never occur to us to take it lightly and not celebrate it! Christmas for us is anything…

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  • Nov112020
    Borgo delle Tovaglie

    Let’s light up your Winter!

    Have you ever noticed how much the lighting in a room can change our mood? It is not enough that a room is simply illuminated, but the quality of light and the inclusion of different types…

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  • Oct252020
    stain-resistant linen fabrics

    Stain resistant linen fabric

    I would like to tell you something more about the fabric that underlies the success of Borgo delle Tovaglie. The history of our anti-stain linen dates back almost 30 years. My mother Daniela, who founded the…

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  • Oct042020
    Letto mezzastagione

    The bed in the mid season

    “… There are no more mid-seasons ..!” and this seems quite true if we look at the crazy weather of the last few weeks. We suddenly pass from summer heat to winter cold. Nevertheless, the temperature…

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  • Sep122020
    Apparecchiare la tavola di Natale

    The Christmas table

    I’ve always dedicate a lot of energy to my Christmas table, it is a happy moment for me that I like to think about in time. I am happy to have a large and very close…

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  • Aug182020
    Tovaglia elegante nuova collezione

    The fall-winter collection 2020/21

    For the upcoming autumn season, we have enriched and revisited our collections with a color palette that increasingly enters the rich world of neutral and delicate tones. Something has changed in the vision we have of…

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