About Us

The harmony of tradition meeting modern inventiveness: that's what Borgo Delle Tovaglie is to us, the place where we create our innovative and sophisticated home collections from the highest quality fabrics

Ours is a company that was founded in 1996, in the heart of the ancient street of weavers in Bologna, from the desire to produce stain-resistant linen tablecloths with a unique and recognizable style, capable of carrying on an ancient tradition in a contemporary key.

When, in 2005, I, Valentina Muggia, and my husband Giuliano Di Paolo took the reins of Borgo Delle Tovaglie, our choicewas to continue the innovative path started by my mother and, at the same time, to bring our eclectic vision of the home to create custom-made environments, from the most essential to the most glamorous.

Since then, our products have been a benchmark in the world of interior decoration, thanks to the combination of traditional appearance and an unprecedented heart of modernity, capable of conquering the best furniture stores in the world.

We like to say that the style of Borgo delle Tovaglie has no fixed rules because it is cut and sewn to measure, according to the wishes of our customers. At the core, a close working relationship with people, which comes about by interpreting their needs and supporting them at every stage, so as to create tailor-made projects in perfect harmony.

All of our products, starting with stain-resistant linen tablecloths, an iconic product and true standard-bearer of the brand, interpret the home as an intimate place that reflects a lifestyle, beyond conventions and fashions.

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