The history of Borgo delle Tovaglie: stain-resistant fabrics

The history of Borgo delle Tovaglie: stain-resistant fabrics
1 April 2020 Valentina Muggia
In History
Tessuto antimacchia

Today I would like to tell you more about us, because I often take it for granted that you already know who we are.

Borgo delle Tovaglie is a brand born in Bologna in 1996 from the idea of ​​my mother Daniela. His desire was to create elegant tablecloths with the practicality of stain-resistant fabrics. In those years in Italy there were only horrible waxed canvases, at most usable for children’s parties in the garden, with a treatment so heavy and shiny as to make them mirror and rigid or alternatively other treated fabrics began to appear on the market, they had a Teflon treatment that made them just waterproof, but  they were not efficace against the food stains.

Thanks to the collaboration of a textile company and the help of my uncle who produced magnificent fabrics for high fashion, my mother developed over 5 years a treatment capable not only of keeping the fabric in its original appearance , but to make it completely impermeable to oil, red fruits, tomato sauce, coffee and even the dreaded red wine. It took five years of trying, because no fabric was ever soft enough and bombproof!

My mother has always been an elegant woman with refined tastes, but at the same time extremely practical, modern and capable of combining work with the needs of a family of four. Although our daily life imposed a certain practicality, she never wanted to give up a well-laid table. Sundays in the family passed happily and at the table there were grandparents, uncles, grandchildren and often, in those happy moments, the stains on the tablecloth were perhaps the only problem.

This is how the first Borgo delle Tovaglie shop was born in Bologna, at number five of the ancient Via delle Tovaglie, in an interior conceived as a small living room where my mother received customers to create bespoke linen tablecloths with anti-stain treatment and beautiful lace edges.

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