The history of Borgo delle Tovaglie: handover

The history of Borgo delle Tovaglie: handover
3 April 2020 Valentina Muggia
In History
Borgo delle Tovaglie

Do I continue the story of how our company was born? Well, I told you that it went on for several years, with a great coming and going of customers and with our seamstresses who no longer knew where to put the tablecloths and found it hard to keep up with my volcanic mother! Then in 1998 I arrived, graduated in law but regretted the choice made, so much so that in a period of break from studies, I worked for the family pharmaceutical company and I discovered that marketing suited me much more than the law and the codes of civil and criminal procedure. After another period spent working in a communication agency out of Bologna, my mother, overloaded with work, asked me for a hand, and so I started working with her without having the idea that that could become my way!

Those who came after were beautiful years, I got married with my high school boyfriend, after 10 years of crazy love! I worked alongside my mother with growing enthusiasm, acquiring skills and professionalism.

In 2002 our first daughter Alice was born and since she was a baby I used to take her to the shop because I couldn’t get away from work.

She was used to wizzing around with her baby walker plying with ribbons and fabrics

Then one day, when dad retired, my mother said to me: “love, dad and I want to travel to enjoy together the beautiful years we have left. I entrust you with the Borgo delle Tovaglie, have fun! “.

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