The fall-winter collection 2020/21

The fall-winter collection 2020/21
18 August 2020 Valentina Muggia
In Inspirations
Tovaglia elegante nuova collezione

For the upcoming autumn season, we have enriched and revisited our collections with a color palette that increasingly enters the rich world of neutral and delicate tones.

Something has changed in the vision we have of our homes: in recent months our home has become the absolute center of our interests and the place where we spend most of our free time. So we found ourselves rediscovering every corner giving it new uses and destinations and we were surprised to rethink even neglected corners in the past. Every detail has become important, so the colors of the house and its materials, lived for many hours, guide our feelings making us feel comfortable and pampered.

Spending so much time in our homes we felt the need to renovate them, as we do with our wardrobes, to feel them closer to our current tastes. And here the new nuances of neutral tones that we have introduced for the next season, lend themselves perfectly to constitute the basis on which to then create the personal variations to build a tailored suit. So indulging our moods, we can surround ourselves with freshness with the new colors Sale and Ghiaia, or we will want softness powdered with the elegant colors Radice and Rapa, or we would still like to benefit from the energizing effect of our more saturated ones like Pruno, Smoke and the particular Giallo olio gelato. The blue, is the color of co-concentration and introspection, and so, why not play with the New color Delfino, perhaps combined with Deep Blue or with the dense greens of the Bosco or color Nettuno.

The next season, however, will also be characterized by the very strong presence of the prints, which we have already seen asserting in recent seasons.

In particular, the return of a great fashion classic is confirmed, the toile de jouy, which for the coming winter is enriched with unusual colors such as the lively Becco color and the graphic and always elegant black and white print. We played on irresistible color combinations that enhance these beautiful prints thanks to the proximity of our linen. The printed tablecloths are enriched with borders with continuous references of color.

The table collections have always been highly appreciated by our customers and for this reason we have great attention on our part. In particular, we are convinced that the attention to certain details is the element that distinguishes a stylish and well-kept table.

Tovaglia nuova collezione

This is why from this season our collections are enriched with a new napkin model that we have named Anna.

Anna is double-sided to combine the print of the toile de jouy with linen, and allow us to play interesting color games in order to complete your equipment with a fundamental element for the decoration of the table.

A nice napkin is capable of enhancing both an elegantly laid table with a tablecloth, and a simpler one with American placemats. In the new table concept, comfort has become a factor of primary importance, the placemats, previously considered suitable only for breakfast or for a quick lunch, can now also be used for more refined mise-en-place if enriched with a nice napkin and a plain-colored tablecloth to play with colors and patterns.


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