The blue color and its variants

The blue color and its variants
11 July 2020 Valentina Muggia
In Inspirations
Cuscino azzurro

Every time we talk about “Azzurro” we actually make a big simplification. In fact, we are talking about a huge set of shades that refer to and evoke the pure and ancestral colors of the sea and sky. All variations of blue have the power to make thoughts fly away in search of open spaces in pursuit of an intense feeling of freedom and purity.

Whenever we choose these shades for our home, we are actually indulging the deepest desires of our soul. Blue, but also ice and air force are colors that bring joy and serenity.

For this week we propose you some cult pieces from our collections. Furnishing fabrics to create fresh furnishing ideas with the right mix of tablecloths, sheets and pillows.


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