The bed in the mid season

The bed in the mid season
4 October 2020 Valentina Muggia
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Letto mezzastagione

“… There are no more mid-seasons ..!” and this seems quite true if we look at the crazy weather of the last few weeks. We suddenly pass from summer heat to winter cold. Nevertheless, the temperature range during the so-called mid-seasons force us to quickly review the beding set-up to allow our body to adapt to the new temperatures and avoid the risk of early seasonal illnesses. In fact, the risk of having cold is comparable to the suffering for excessive heat.

At the same time, in this intermediate season, there is a risk of sacrificing the aesthetics of a beautiful bed in favor of ugly overlapping of badly matched blankets and bedspreads.

My advice is to opt for a medium weight bedspread that guarantees a certain level of warmth without reaching the heaviness of a real winter duvet. In fact, I think it is necessary to look for the same pleasant sensation that the use of a duvet gives, with its lightness and practicality, only in relation to a heating potential that is better proportioned to the first cold of the very early autumn. For this particular need I have created a light duvet that in only 120gr / mt offers us absolute comfort. In fact, let’s not forget that coming from the hot summer months, we are no longer used to feeling the weight of bulky blankets and duvets on us, for this reason, a warm but light bedspread will pamper us and make us feel free at the same time. Its soft pure washed linen cover will guarantee maximum breathability. And from an aesthetic point of view? You will have the best as long as the Farfalla bedspread will give your bed the puffy and soft appearance it has with a duvet in winter; in addition, the two sides of different colors will allow you to change the appearance of the bed with a simple gesture. How will you complete your wonderful mid-season bed? With linen sheets maybe in two tones matched to the bedspread and with many pillows also played in different shades that make the overall result less flat and definitely more interesting.

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