Stain resistant linen fabric

Stain resistant linen fabric
25 October 2020 Valentina Muggia
In History
stain-resistant linen fabrics

I would like to tell you something more about the fabric that underlies the success of Borgo delle Tovaglie.

The history of our anti-stain linen dates back almost 30 years. My mother Daniela, who founded the brand in 1996, was already for years, before the creation of Borgo delle Tovaglie, looking for a solution that would combine the brilliant idea of ​​the plasticized tablecloths that existed on the market at the time, with the desire to have tablecloths that they did not sacrifice the elegance of the fine linen or cotton fabrics she was used to for her home.

Let me start by saying that my mother has French origins and precisely from Provence. For this reason, he had known for a long time the waxed tablecloths that were made in Provence well over 20 years ago. Cheerful oilcloths with olive or fluttering bee patterns Exceptionally practical and extremely cheerful, but not exactly elegant, also because the wax treatment was really thick and shiny, giving the fabrics a rather “plasticky” appearance.

Mamma Daniela, who is notoriously very obstinate… took it into her head to develop with the help of her brother-in-law (my uncle) producer of splendid fabrics for high fashion and a fine connoisseur of fabrics and all its processes, a softer and more opaque treatment that leaves the appearance of the fabrics unaltered but really protects them from every type of stain.

In those years, Teflon-treated fabrics began to be seen on the market, which seemed to guarantee a good level of waterproofing of the fabrics. But for Daniela, this waterproofing was by no means sufficient! He knew well the needs of a table cloth, and he wanted his tablecloths to keep both oil stains and the dreaded ones of wine, but also of coffee, of red fruits… Even the most difficult stains had to float on our fabrics and be able to be cleaned with a simple wipe of a damp sponge, they also had to be able to be ironed and even washed in the washing machine occasionally to be able to refresh them.

In short, a hell for the chemists with whom he made tests after tests for 3 years!

He subjected the tissues to any kind of stress and always sent them back with a conviction verdict. I think many would have given up, but luckily, neither she nor the chemists who had come to know her did, and finally, when her bombproof treatment found its way, the brand was born that today I carry on with pride and love for over twenty years.

Since then, we have come a long way, we have developed great improvements and applied our treatment to all types of fabrics. We have come to make pure silk completely waterproof and naturally the wonderful linen which today represents 90% of the production of our tablecloths. And what is the truly unique peculiarity of Borgo delle Tovaglie? Our company has by far the largest assortment of colors, models and sizes, while maintaining a fast and accurate service of tailor-made tailoring. Every day our ateliers churn out hundreds of custom made linen tablecloths for our customers all over the world, and there is no table size that cannot be elegantly dressed with a Borgo delle Tovaglie tablecloth.

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