Ceramics Mediterraneo – Portofino

Ceramics Mediterraneo – Portofino

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Ceramics of the Mediterraneo collection completely handmade following an ancient technique by skilled artisans.

You can choose between:

– Dishes, diameter 20 or 27 cm

– 2x Soup dishes, diam. 18 cm

– 4x Small bowls, diam. 10 cm

– 4x Mugs, diam. 8 cm

– 4x Small cups, diam. 5 cm

Material : Ceramic, handmade
Color : available in different colors and patterns
Appearance < / strong>: colorful, trendy and resistant
Maintenance : Dishwasher safe
Delivery : 7/10 working days

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Each piece is as unique and exciting as a painting: the technique with which we make Mediterranean Ceramics makes every sign of color the result of an unrepeatable gesture, just like that of a painter.

Suitable for any occasion to create eclectic and creative equipment.
The choice of saturated colors and with soft swirls, recalls the movements and veins of marble, creating combinations, available in different chromatic scales, suitable for all tastes.

The finish bright makes the Mediterranean Ceramics pleasant to the touch.

Choose whether to mix them together to create colorful tables, whether to play on a single combination or combine them with monochromatic plates.

The maintenance is very simple: the Ceramics are dishwasher safe.

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