Linen Pillow Case – Petali Rugiada

Linen Pillow Case – Petali Rugiada


100% Pure linen gauze pillow case with floral pattern print from “Petali” (Petals) collection.

Material: 100% pure linen gauze
Colour: availabe in different floral patterns
Look: soft, light and transparent
Maintenance: simply and fast; case completely machine-washable safe, dry cleanable at moderate temperature (40°C). Ironing is not necessary. To maintain its soft wrinkled natural aspect it can be dried with dryer or outdoor.
Delivery: from 7 to 10 working days

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Petali’s series pillow cases form Borgo Delle Tovaglie are finished in four sides with a delicated drawstring embroidery.
The back side is 100% solid color pure linen.
As any Borgo delle Tovaglie’s product, it is entirely Made in Italy with very high quality textiles and finishing, completely handmade with the unique mastery of our Artisan.
Available in 6 beautiful different prints to pull over or to mix with solid tint “Pure” series pillows or from the new “Filo” series.
Borgo Delle Tovaglie Petali’s pillow cases are perfect to give a spring touch to your bed, to brighten up your couch or a seat that needs an elegance and fresh touch.