Set a table for Easter

Set a table for Easter
4 April 2021 Valentina Muggia
In Inspirations
How to set a table for Easter

Easter is coming and we have to imagine something special to set up our table unique. Easter is a symbol of rebirth and generally marks the transition from winter to spring. This is why we all want to bring some freshness to our tables after the long winter months. My suggestion for this occasion is to set the table with the pastel colors of spring that blooms outside our windows and in our gardens. Yellow is naturally a beautiful and very suitable color that recalls the first flowers in bloom, a color full of energy and positivity. So welcome the color of primroses or the liveliest color of the sun!

Today, however, I would like to suggest an alternative that I personally find particularly suitable for the Easter table.

How about setting the table in shades of sage and blue?

These are delicate colors even if not bright, which remind me so much of the olive tree traditionally blessed for this holiday. Imagine a table where you can use a base such as light blue and on which to recall the sage color of the border with napkins or runners finished in a delicate silver embroidery. I would place as a centerpiece some olive tree brunches, with its gray-green colors that matches perfectly with our tablesetting. Then, among the branches, or in glass bowls of different heights and sizes, some eggs of different colors and sizes, from the very small quails ones to large white goose ones.

Have fun and decorate them if you wish with your children, with small white squiggles like lace, or do like me and leave them as they are, with their natural colors. A more gluttonous idea? Use eggs in sugar and others in white chocolate, and at the end of the meal, let the children break them. For glasses go for the classic or at most use glass with a light green color. If you have the opportunity, set the table with cream-colored vintage plates, perhaps with a light floral decoration. Alternatively I could suggest our very elegant ivory melamine plates with relief decoration. Finally, complete the table with sage-colored linen napkins or alternating them with blue, perhaps also with an embroidered silver profile.

Another idea could be to set your table with pink and white tones that this season are a real explosion of color on the fruit trees. To make the combination more elegant, I would personally opt for a slightly duller and more orange tobality than the classic candy pink and mix it with different shades of ivory and hemp color.

Choosing among the colors of our collections, I would then use the ivory color perhaps in the Gitane version for the basic tablecloth and then I would add some Hemp-colored runners and placemats from the Petali series in the Sunrise print, Desert Rose color.

I would alternate the napkins in these three colors of the Gitane napkin with its romantic linen gauze ruffles, as light as petals. As a centerpiece, get some branches of Cherry or white Ellebori. Crystal glasses if possible a little retro and ivory plates! Finally, get some white chocolate eggs decorated by your confectioner and use them as a small gift and place card for your guests: I can already imagine the cloud effect of this table! Welcome spring, and Happy Easter to all!

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