Borgo delle Tovaglie American placemats are made of our elegant linen with anti-stain treatment.

With a wide range of colors, models and finishes allow you to vary by playing with many colors to get a different fun or sophisticated effect every time.

Combine them with our soft linen napkins, in the wide range of colors available or with the characteristic prints of the Petali line.

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    2 linen placemats natural brown and strawberry red

    2 Anti-stain Linen Placemats Sabbia-Fragola Bauhaus

    2 no stain linen placemats with the typical Bauhaus collection border. Designed in Italy. The tablecloth is a sign of decor, distinction and elegance in the kitchen or the dining room. Borgo delle Tovaglie linen tablecloths allow you to choose between 25 colors to get different sophisticated effects, always easy to use. Made of pure stain resistant linen that can be cleaned with a wipe of a wet sponge... and there you go, immediately ready and crisply clean for the next dinner, lunch or breakfast!
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