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Italian linen tablecloths

The flagship of our creations is undoubtedly the stain-resistant tablecloths, with which we have managed to combine the beauty of linen and handcrafted finishes with the needs of hectic daily life.
Our tablecloths can be personalized with very fast service, thanks to the experience of our skilled craftsmen.
The different collections, characterized by a variety of finishes, fabrics, and colors, allow you to create unusual combinations to better adapt to your style. Each season we develop new colors and details to always offer you new stimulating ideas for your table. Our tablecloths are ecological because thanks to the anti-stain treatment based on resins free of polluting substances such as fairies and formaldehyde, they are resistant to any type of stain, significantly reducing the use of detergents and the consumption of water in our lives daily.

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    Linen table cloth with ruches plum red
    Linen table cloth with ruches plum red 2
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    Anti-stain Linen table cloth Plum-Lips Gitane

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    Pure linen or no stain linen table cloth enriched with romantic linen gauze ruches of the Gitane collection. Designed in Italy. Also available on made to measure sizes. The tablecloth is a sign of decor, distinction and elegance in the kitchen or the dining room. Borgo delle Tovaglie linen tablecloths allow you to choose between 25 colors to get different sophisticated effects, always easy to use. Made of pure stain resistant linen they can be cleaned with a wipe of a wet sponge... and there you go, immediately ready and crisply clean for the next dinner, lunch or breakfast!
    385,00 682,50 
    385,00 682,50 
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