What are the delivery times?

All our products are expressly handcrafted following the orders, which is why our delivery times usually vary from 5 to 10 working days. In exceptional cases, it may take more time to complete your order and deliver a perfect product that meets all our quality standards. In this case it will naturally be our responsibility to inform you, while remaining at your disposal to update you on the status of the order.

How much does the delivery cost?

Borgo delle Tovaglie sends all its products from Italy. Depending on where you are in the world, the cost of delivery varies according to three cost ranges. Delivery throughout Italy costs € 9.90; delivery throughout the EEC costs € 19.90; extra CEE delivery costs € 29.90.

Which products are anti-stain?

Each product on the site, where applicable, includes in the description the indications relating to the anti-stain treatment. In most cases, the anti-stain treatment is available for products of the Table and Kitchen category. Products with anti-stain treatment, however, can also be made from natural linen, without any treatment.

Do I have to subscribe in order to make a purchase?

Yes. Signing up is important for your shopping experience, to make billing and returns possible, and to avoid many of the most common problems. Moreover, in this way you can always have an updated history of any order made in the past. You can register here.
In particular, it is recommended to carefully insert data and addresses into your profile. This way you will not have to specify this information again, and we will avoid misunderstandings and delays.

I lost my password / my username. What now?

First, go to the login page of the site. Here, in the lower left, you will find a link (“lost password”) that will allow you to start the modification procedure for username and password. If, despite the procedure, you encounter difficulties, please let us know! If the problem is due to the site we will resolve it, while if the problem concerns your account, we can set the data for you, at your direction.

I must change my data / address. How do I do it?

To change your data (change email, user name, membership form) you must log in to your account . Depending on what you want to change, go to the account menu, the “Addresses” section or the “Account Information” section.

How to avoid any issue about my purchase?

Before purchasing, please read the Terms and Conditions of that site before buying. Our site dedicates an entire section to the collection of all useful information, for a simple, conscious and rewarding shopping experience.

What exactly is meant for anti stain treatment?

Our fabrics are subjected to a special resin treatment that gives them an excellent resistance to the stains of the substances most commonly used in the kitchen and so feared, as they are difficult to remove. Thus, for example, oil, coffee and red wine will no longer be a real problem. They can be cleaned by simply dabbing with a damp sponge. It will be enough to act quickly. We recommend not to leave the dirty tablecloth for hours but to clean it with a simple gesture as soon as possible. Moreover it will be quite natural for you to do this, because the spots will float on the surface. Likewise, we advise you to clean the surface carefully after each meal to keep your Borgo delle Tovaglie tablecloth beautiful and tidy. As he said many years ago, our loyal customer, a Borgo delle Tovaglie tablecloth, … “is a tablecloth that changes lives …”

How do I wash an anti stain product?

As mentioned above, our stain-resistant fabrics can be cleaned daily with a damp sponge and a little neutral soap. If you wish, you can also wash them occasionally by hand or in a washing machine following the washing instructions of a delicate garment. Then use 30 ° warm water and soap for delicate items. Do not spin. Iron with very hot iron only on the reverse side.

What size should I choose for my tablecloth?

At this link find all the information you need to order your tablecloth in the right size.