Bologna state of mind…

The harmony of tradition revisited by modern creativity, an in-born nonchalance capable of making every single element fascinating: these are the signs of distinction of Borgo delle Tovaglie, whose core business is home furnishing textiles.

Born in 1996 as a tablecloth manufacturing firm in the ancient Via delle Tovaglie in Bologna, in 2005, guided by eclectic Valentina Muggia and her husband Giuliano Di Paolo, it outlined a precise path and established an intense dialogue with contemporary times, becoming a reference point in the panorama of furnishing and decoration.

Today Borgo delle Tovaglie is a worldwide known brand which can be found in the best furnishing shops. A brand that finds its vital force in the cultural roots of the best Italian tradition and over the years has expressed a strong heart of modernity and innovation guided by the continuous search.

Embarking on a path of strong stylistic personality has been able to carve out a recognizable way in the market, with a growing number of customers that recognize itself  in the path traced by dynamic brand from Bologna.

It so happens between Borgo delle Tovaglie and its consumers a magical alchemy of sharing a defined styling, synonymous with a precise lifestyle, unconventional, and always looking for ungroomed, brave and personal trails.

The dialogue between Borgo delle Tovaglie and its users extends to supplying a full customization service, because we intend the customer as unique and each path as individual.

Valentina, the art director of the brand, personally care the details of every product, every day, with a big passion.

The beauty in Borgo delle Tovaglie‘s style is not having fixed rules. It’s always different but recognizable. It’s eclectic and taylor-made. An espresso and spontaneous style, which leaves freedom for a personal interpretation of the house.

A gradual creative process led to an articulated proposal, involving the entire living environment: not only textile, declined for the different rooms of the house, but also unique accessories and furniture, for houses with strong personality.

A creation signed Borgo delle Tovaglie is a creation of unique personality, designed and handcrafted in Italy.