• Apr152021

    How to furnish the bedroom

    The bedroom is our refuge and the room where, at the end of the day, we undress formality and abandon ourselves to…

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  • Apr042021
    How to set a table for Easter

    Set a table for Easter

    Easter is coming and we have to imagine something special to set up our table unique. Easter is a symbol…

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  • Mar122021
    Come apparecchiare la tavola in giardino

    How to set a table in the garden

    With the summer just around the corner, we are ready to reactivate our gardens and terraces to spend the best…

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  • Feb152021
    The best lighting for our home

    The best lighting for your home

    I state that I am not a lighting technique, but the experience I gained in interior design over many years…

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  • Jan282021
    Tavola di San Valentino

    The Valentine’s table for a perfect dinner

    The perfect table for Valentine’s Day Whether it’s your first dinner for two or you’ve been together for 20 years,…

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  • Dec122020
    Natale Borgo delle Tovaglie

    The importance of Christmas

    For me and my family, Christmas is a serious matter… I don’t want to exaggerate, but it really would never…

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  • Nov112020
    Borgo delle Tovaglie

    Let’s light up your Winter!

    Have you ever noticed how much the lighting in a room can change our mood? It is not enough that…

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  • Oct042020
    Letto mezzastagione

    The bed in the mid season

    “… There are no more mid-seasons ..!” and this seems quite true if we look at the crazy weather of…

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  • Sep122020
    Apparecchiare la tavola di Natale

    The Christmas table

    I’ve always dedicate a lot of energy to my Christmas table, it is a happy moment for me that I…

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  • Aug182020
    Tovaglia elegante nuova collezione

    The fall-winter collection 2020/21

    For the upcoming autumn season, we have enriched and revisited our collections with a color palette that increasingly enters the…

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