Here in Borgo delle Tovaglie, we use two main tools to show our collections: The LookBook (by clicking on the banner below you can download it): it is a presentation of the new collections, concise but full of inspirations, and especially useful for understanding the "spirit" under which the new collection was born The WorkBook (you can request it at a reference for orienting yourself among the various continuous lines. Especially useful for repeat customers or professional customers who need additional product information.

Our main lines include: the "Pure" line, characterized by "pure" lines; the "Gitane" line, characterized by the use of soft ruffles all over the profile; the Bauhaus line with a sharp and minimalist edge; the "Filo" line finished with delicate embroidery; the "Riviera" line characterized by the traditional border called "riviera", the "Venezia" line characterized by a refined embroidery.