Buyer’s Guide

This section collects all the necessary information to complete your purchases in the simplest and most convenient way. You can search among the most frequently asked questions, find a reference on product sizes and formats, read how we use cookies and how we protect your privacy, and for Terms and Conditions of sale on the site. Too much to read? We have summarized some useful information below:


The best way to start your shopping on Borgo delle Tovaglie is to create your own profile, which will allow you immediately to specify where you want to receive your purchases and what data you want on the invoice. You can subscribe by clicking here or by selecting “my profile”, which you will find in the site header or in the menu, depending on the device you are using.

Once registered, you’ll be able to manage things better: change your personal data and your delivery and billing data ; check your past order history in case of need or to keep the products you liked at hand, and do many other useful things.

Last but not least, by signing up for our Newsletter, you will immediately receive a welkome discount*; what a better way for your first purchase?
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Knowledge is power! If you want to save money on our site, you need to be informed about the various kind of discount which can be activated on Borgo delle Tovaglie EShop.

The simplest discount are product discounts: those discounts are applied directly to single Borgo products. You can find all the discounted products on the dedicated page (also accessible from the main menu of the site). Category discounts on the other hand, are applied on an entire category of products. These discounts are not always present and are periodically enabled. If we activate a discount on an entire category, we will notify this on our home page.

By subscribing to our Newsletter, you’ll receive exclusive discounts in the form of vouchers. A voucher is a code that can be added to the site. The code can be used only by those who receive it. Vouchers must be used in the final steps of the purchase, adding them in the Cart page just before payment. Finally, we have discounts for holidays or special initiatives like Black Friday. In these periods, you will always find some special occasion, to bring home an equally special object. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or remember to visit the site from time to time!

Discounted products are not refundable or replaceable.


We are very keen to discuss an important topic about delivery. The biggest part of our catalogue, and especially the textiles for bed and kitchen, are manufactured to meet every order. The sizes sold on the site are the most widespread, but they’re not ready for shipping: every order is managed with the required customizations (cutting, edges, colour scheme), as soon as the payment is confirmed, with all the necessary time and dedication. This handicraft manufacturing process requires

The processing of handcrafted products requires a longer delivery time in comparison with the most known ecommerce platform.

  • 10 working days for Italy,
  • 15 working days for Europe,
  • 20 working days for countries outside EU.

We select the most reliable couriers for delivery in Italy and abroad, so that your order is handled with care and without setbacks, delays or other unforeseen events.

Our delivery fees:

  • Italy: € 9,90,
  • Europe: € 19,90,
  • Rest of the world: € 29,90.

In the next months, we’ll implement the tracking for your orders. Until now, if you need any information about transport and delivery, please contact us at
We guarantee you an answer within 1 working day.


Our online shop has three payment methods: Bank wire, Paypal and credit cards (through Stripe or Paypal).

If you meet any issue during the order, there are many solutions to solve it in a fast and easy way:

    • During working hours, feel free to call us at +39 051 05 48 981. If you are registered on the site, we can complete your purchase in your place, following your requirements by phone or email and advising you at each step! In order to do so, we must be able to communicate in english or italian language.
    • Outside working hours, you can read the FAQ section which you find in the Cart page too, along with a link to send us an email and we’ll answer in 1 working day.
FREE shipping in Europe for orders over 150€
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