The bridal trousseau is one of the most beautiful traditions related to marriage. The preparation and purchase of the linen kit for the new home is a beautiful moment of sharing between mother and daughter, but often the mother of the groom also makes a contribution by giving the newlyweds something. I have a beautiful memory of when with my mother I chose my wedding trousseau, and I think I can tell you that my mother keeps a memory even more beautiful than mine, because in this situation, mothers generally have the opportunity to express themselves maximum, dispennsando valuable advice in an area in which brides generally still have little experience!

In the past, sheets, tablecloths and towels were prepared even years in advance, perhaps embroidered by the patient hands of mothers or grandmothers. Those who are lucky enough to receive some nice element of the family trousseau as a gift, will thus be able to use small pieces of family history, perhaps in finely hand-embroidered linen. I still keep and use some embroidered sheets of my grandmother today, and I hope one day I will be able to pass them on to my daughters.

The Bridal Trousseaus The Bridal Trousseaus

However, I also had a lot of fun buying some beautiful and essential items for our home that will still be my wedding trousseau today. So here are my few and I hope useful advice.

First of all you have to choose some sets of sheets. Generally, linen is considered the most valuable and durable material, and of course we at Borgo delle Tovaglie can only agree... Alternatively, you could opt for excellent quality cotton percale or cotton satin. Absolutely to avoid poor quality synthetic materials and decidedly uncomfortable because they are not breathable. Once again I remind you that there is no material as beautiful and noble as thermo-regulating like linen. Perfect in summer because it can give a pleasant sensation of freshness to the body, as well as warm and welcoming in winter because more than cotton, linen has a very high hydroscopic power. If you want to deepen the subject, I refer you to an article of my blog written previously.

Washed linen, like that of our collections, is very soft to the touch and does not require long hours of ironing because you just need to let it air dry to keep its natural slightly wrinkled appearance.

Very simple maintenance even if you dry it in the dryer, just keep it slightly damp and spread it with the palms of your hands, possibly spraying the most wrinkled areas with very little water. In this way the linen will stretch naturally and will always be beautiful and natural.

The Bridal Trousseaus The Bridal Trousseaus

The most commonly requested colors for the wedding trousseau are white and all shades of ivory, but nothing prevents you from choosing a color that best matches the decor and the colors chosen by the couple for the new home. For example, in this case we recommend creating pleasant color combinations to alternate between sheets and pillowcases. Do not forget to include in the kit a very practical duvet for the winter, accompanied by two or three changes of duvet covers to be washed comfortably in the washing machine. In fact, as I have already explained in another post, there are enormous advantages to replacing traditional wool blankets with duvets. You can choose simple models or enriched with romantic details such as edges, ruffles or embroidery. Finally, for the mid-season, my advice is to enrich the bed with a bedspread with a light padding that will replace the duvet, before giving way in the summer season, only to the set of sheets and possibly a loose bedspread that will protect the read from the dust and will make the appearance more refined and pleasant.

You will then need some sets of towels for him and her. Also in this case you can opt for different styles and materials. The most commonly used today is the pure cotton terry, which to be of good quality must not be too light, but rather soft and with a high enough curl to guarantee a hug worthy of the name and a high level of absorbency. You can choose from many colors and styles and arrange the towels for him and her, perhaps assigning him the smooth edges of the Bauhaus line and the soft and romantic ruffles of the Gitane line for her. You can complete the bathroom kit with bathrobes, rugs and washcloths for when you will receive guests at home. Even in the case of towels as for the sheets, it is not certain that white should be the color of choice, with the current trend to make bathroom coverings in the most varied colors, from the lightest to the darkest, you could inaftti combine wonderful towels. in elegant shades of graphite gray or sand, or even a refined walnut or mauve color.

Once you have solved the needs of the bedroom set, you just have to think about the table and the kitchen. As for the kitchen, you need a dozen twists to dry the dishes. Opt for linen or a good twisted cotton. Also equip yourself with some aprons to protect your clothes while freely messing around in the kitchen, finally dedicate yourself to one of my favorite chapters: setting up the table! If you, like me, like to receive and in any case if you like to take care of the equipment, take the time to study this part of your kit carefully.

Here, it is more difficult to pass tablecloths from mother to daughter due to the different sizes and shapes of the tables. You will need some everyday tablecloths and one or two for more elegant and formal occasions. Furthermore, if your table is one with extensions, you will certainly need tablecloths suitable for different sizes, bearing in mind that you will probably use the shortest table in your everyday life and you will instead need longer and more elegant tablecloths for the table. with extensions. What colors to choose? Here too you are no longer forced by strict rules of etiquette, but if it is your first tablecloths and you want them to last you over the years, a piece of advice I could give you is to opt for fairly neutral colors that adapt over time to the physiological change of the colors. Your tastes, fashions and the evolution of your home furnishings.

To make the maintenance of your daily routine really simple, I strongly recommend that you consider purchasing some stain-resistant linen tablecloths, which will guarantee you elegant yet extremely practical tables at the same time. In fact, you just need to carefully clean your beautiful tablecloth after each meal, and you will not be forced to difficult cleaning operations or long ironing sessions. Furthermore, another great advantage of our special stain-resistant fabrics is that thanks to their resistance to stains, you can allow yourself to risk colors and patterns that are difficult to use if you have to remove boring stains from oil, wine, coffee or tomato sauce on a daily basis.

If you would like some information on how to choose the size of tablecloth suitable for your table, I refer you to the article in the post... or to our table of sizes on the site or I invite you to contact us to speak directly with our experts and receive advice. specific to your case. Always remember to equip the tablecloths with napkins in the same fabric, and do not dream for any reason to use paper ones... anti-ecological, ugly and in my opinion also a sign of little care. For breakfast or for a quick lunch break, you can also equip your home with some table runners or some placemats, possibly in stain-resistant fabric that will allow you to set the table very quickly for a snack or dinner. I refer you also here to my last post.

The Bridal Trousseaus The Bridal Trousseaus The Bridal Trousseaus