Choosing a tablecloth suitable for your table among many on the market seems like a real undertaking. In fact, if in clothing you have become very skilled in identifying the size and models that most enhance you, it seems that when it comes to "dressing your table", you do not know how to move and often go home with the wrong tablecloth because it is too short, too long, too tight or with an exaggerated fall only on one side of the table. How do we do it then, since it is obviously impossible to carry the table around for a test? I give you some information that will make it easy and will guide you towards a quick and safe choice.

First we need to evaluate the shape of your table. We basically have 4 scenarios:

  1. rectangular table,
  2. square table,
  3. round table,
  4. oval table.

On the first two, it is clear that the right tablecloth for you will have to be rectangular or square, then we will see together which measures you will need for the perfect purchase. On the round table and the oval table, however, there is a lot more to say. Until a few years ago, in fact, we were led to think that for a round table, you had to necessarily buy a round tablecloth. They opted for a tablecloth with a short enough fall for every day, while for important occasions, they opted for a long tablecloth that touches the ground. But honestly, I have never liked round tablecloths, especially if they are short. I find that kilt effect to be really unsightly and antiquated.

We therefore dress the round tables with square and well-proportioned tablecloths, so that the 4 points dress elegantly, without hindering the legs. You can use this tablecloth every day, and if you want a super elegant effect for a very special occasion, you can add a table cloth that is up to the ground and rests even 2 or 3 centimeters on the floor. What you will need to buy the right size is the diameter of your table and possibly the height. As for the measurement, just remember that the fall must not exceed 30 cm at the widest point of your circle, because in this way the spikes will go down, but without reaching the floor. But what do I mean when I talk about falling? We had already talked about it in another article, but I repeat it for clarity, the fall is that portion of the tablecloth that comes down from the edge of the table. And in the specific case of a round table, the drop to consider will be the shortest one which corresponds to half of the side of your square tablecloth. The rest will come as a consequence and following my advice you will not have to worry about it. Last important thing! The fall must go down on the 4 sides so remember to add the fall of the 2 sides to the diameter of the table. For example, if your table has a diameter of 100cm, you will have to buy a tablecloth with a diameter of 160cm.

The oval table

We come now to the oval table, and the first thing to say is that it's easy to say oval! There are many forms of oval tables, even tables that are actually eclectic are defined as oval! More simply, an oval table can have a very wide or very narrow side out of shape, so it will be very difficult for you to buy an oval tablecloth that falls all around with the same fall. Always remaining the same speech made for the round tablecloths, I find the oval tablecloths even more brutal if possible than the round ones. Here too, therefore, the advice is to buy a rectangular tablecloth which, believe me, will be infinitely more elegant! Since we produce tablecloths, I would add that the choice of edges that can be made is much wider for square tablecloths than for round oval tablecloths! You can then choose to put a beautiful tablecloth with a flat edge! Since we produce tablecloths, I would add that the choice of edges that can be made is much wider for square tablecloths than for round oval tablecloths! You can then choose to put a beautiful tablecloth with a flat edge!

Square and rectangular tables

Let's now consider how to choose the correct size for square or rectangular tables. In this I advise you to consider here too a minimum of 30 cm per side, but you can easily reach 40/45 cm if you want a more elegant tablecloth. Then there is a proportion between the dimensions of the table and the length of the tovaglia, so the longer the table, the longer the fall must be in proportion. Therefore, consider that for tables within 2 meters in length, you can stand on an average drop of 35 cm, which is also correct to avoid getting in the way of the chairs and legs. While for longer tables, 3 meters and more, I would never choose a fall of less than 40 cm per side. However, always remember to carefully evaluate both sizes of the table, so as not to choose a tablecloth that is correct in length but not in width. In fact, the perfect tablecloth must have the same fall on all sides!

It is for this reason in fact that we make almost all of our custom-made tablecloths. Speaking of the increasingly frequent need for tailor-made products, we have found a tendency among interior designers and architects to insert ever larger and wider tables in homes, which therefore require large tablecloths. For this reason we have recently added to our tablecloth collection a range of extra-large tablecloths in both pure linen and checked cotton in different colors. These tablecloths thus adapt to tables of any size and can also serve as a tablecloth for runners, placemats or tablecloths.

Linen tablecloths