Here in Borgo delle Tovaglie, we use two main tools to communicate the basic information about new collections and product lines. Clicking on the banner below, you can download our LookBook: the simplest way to introduce a collection, synthetic but inspiring, and useful to understand the mood of any new collection. On the other hand, our WorkBook is a reference to find your way around the different lines offered, particularly useful if you’re an usual customer, or if you make large orders for business purposes.

Our main lines include: the “Pure” line, made with the smoothest and untreated linen; the “Gitane” line, characterized by the use of ruches on the entire edge; the “Bauhaus” line with a sharp and minimalist cut edge; the “Filo” line with a very fine and light seam; the “Riviera” line, which refers to the traditional border called “riviera” and, for the sheets, the “Linen Satin” line with satin edging.

Chiusure Estive 2019: Azienda dal 5 al 18 Agosto compresi, Bologna Flagship Store dal 12 al 25 Agosto compresi, Paris Store dal 5 al 21 Agosto compresi.